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CSS COLUMBUS (Incomplete)

Built: Never Completed

Service: Never Completed

Home Port: Columbus, Georgia

Dimensions: 175' Length, 45' Beam, 9' Draft

Armor: Hull Unknown; Turret approximately 12".

Armament: 2 x 11" Brooke Smoothebores in centrally mounted Turret

Engines: Unknown

Speed: Unknown

Crew: Unknown


This extremely obscure vessel was the only "Monitor Type" vessel ever attempted by the Confederacy. There is significant debate about how much of the vessel was actually completed; some sources claim that a keel was laid; others that not a single nail was hammered into a single piece of wood. At any rate, the materials required to complete her were apparently not gathered, and the project never materialized.

Columbus is often confused with the CSS Columbia, an ill-fated casemate ironclad built in South Carolina.