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Built: Savannah, Georgia

Commissioned: Never Commissioned

Service: Incomplete; intended for the Savannah Squadron

Home Port: Savannah, Georgia

Dimensions: 175' Length, 35' 3" Beam, 9' Draft

Armor: Unknown

Armament: Provision for four cannon; types unknown. Probably 6.4" or 7" Brooke Rifles.

Engines: Single Screw

Speed: Unknown

Crew: Unknown

Fate: Scuttled and Burned, December 21st 1864.


We know very little about Milledgeville. She was apparently constructed to a modified Richmond class design, with a casemate described as nearly square in shape. She was still in the process of construction at Savannah when the city was evacuated in December 21st, 1864, and had just been launched, when the order was given for evacuation of the city. She was burned and scuttled to prevent falling into Union hands.