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CSN Ensign, 1861-1863

The following is a growing listing of warships and armed auxiliaries known to have been commissioned for service with the Confederate States Navy, or CSN, from 1861 to 1865. Confederate ships are not universally well documented and much information is contradictory and incomplete. Thus, this list will probably not be as accurate as the listing of Union vessels during the same period. The principal Confederate strategy during the war was the maintenance of a "fleet in being" in order to harass the Union fleet whenever possible. Lacking the industrial and manpower resources of the North, the South simply could not field a fleet comparable in size to that of the Union once Northern mobilization had entered full gear.

That the Confederacy even had a navy, let alone a successful one, was entirely due to the inspirational leadership of Steven Mallory of Florida, the Confederate Secretary of the Navy, who entered his job with less than fifteen vessels to his name, none of them substantial warships of any calibre. Mallory was justifiably proud of his accomplishments while in office, but his major disappointment throughout the war was that the fleet was never used as he had envisioned it: to break the Union blockade. Instead, the fleet was used in a largely defensive role which, while more conservative, significantly impacted the course of the war and greatly reduced the economic benefits of maintaining a modern, predominantly ironclad fleet.

Warships in Alabama Waters[]

CSS Baltic

CSS Gaines

CSS Huntsville

CSS Nashville

CSS Selma

CSS Tennessee II

CSS Tuscaloosa

Warships in Georgia Waters[]

CSS Atlanta

CSS Georgia

CSS Jackson/Muscogee

CSS Milledgeville

CSS Savannah

Warships in Louisiana Waters[]

CSS Louisiana

CSS Manassas

CSS Mississippi

Warships in North Carolina Waters[]

CSS Albemarle

CSS Arctic

CSS Neuse

CSS North Carolina

CSS Raleigh

CSS Wilmington

Warships in South Carolina Waters[]

CSS Charleston

CSS Chicora

CSS Columbia

CSS Palmetto State

CSS Planter

Warships in Virginia Waters[]

CSS Beaufort

CSS Fredericksburg

CSS Jamestown

CSS Patrick Henry

CSS Raleigh

CSS Richmond

CSS Teaser

CSS Texas

CSS Virginia

CSS Virginia II

Mississippi River Warships[]

CSS Arkansas

CSS Colonel Lovell

CSS General Beauregard

CSS General Bragg

CSS General Sterling Price

CSS General Sumter

CSS General M. Jeff Thompson

CSS General Earl Van Dorn

CSS Little Rebel

CSS Missouri

CSS Webb

High Seas Warships[]

CSS Alabama

CSS Florida

CSS Shenendoah

CSS Stonewall

TheLaird Rams

Experimental Warships[]

The Bayou Saint John Submarine

CSS American Diver

CSS Columbus

CSS H.L. Hunley

David class Torpedo Boats